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Liliana Trotta and her senses of dithering.
Signs, signs and symbols.

The universe of forms expressed by Liliana Trotta moved. Compositions of sound clear, resonant colors and silent spaces generate environments that suggest the myths and cultural practices. These areas, noting in paintings, monoestampas, objects, drawings and installations, intersect icons embedded in popular memory. The resulting induces empathy with the work, carrying sensitivity levels greater understanding of aesthetics. The ethos is amplified River Plate, developed, free of veils and prohibitions. The Latin American culture expresses its multiplicity alive and jungle.
Without situations and forge away ambiguity, all the present work is solid and free of cracks: self. Collages, trouvés objectives and techniques that employ plates and oil paintings, indicate the investigation of various materials, linking artistic and recreational experiences.
With ductility and work, intuition will accommodate, structuring open rather than closed flat, given scenarios to freedom and flight.
Shoulders, cats, mirrors, snakes and Sauri institute worlds where signals, signs and symbols interwoven variety of paths that are unified in planteos well compounds.
The speeches are clear and there is no doubt. The metaphors express their say. The senses brought constant explorations, demonstrating awareness and clarity of the bearings. The irony, acid and forceful, aguza an eye, dissolving conventions and pacts.
Liliana Trotta develops its image once again. We life, we sense the aesthetic and ethical way retakes.
Harmony symbol.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez  / Collaborating Dedalus, Ramon and Public Bidding Art. Researcher (Betbeder and Associates; Provincial Museum of Arts of La Pampa).

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Collaborating Dedalus, Ramon and Public Bidding Art. Researcher

Diseño y programación: Clic Multimedia